US interest in non-innerspring mattresses is estimated to rise 4.9% per year to $2.7 million in 2020, outpacing the bigger innerspring mattresses section. Increases will represent the ongoing industry change from innerspring to low-innerspring mattress types.

These results are presented in Sleep Products: USA, a study recently launched a section of The Freedonia Group, by Freedonia Focus Reports.

By focusing the efficiency benefits of foam beds suppliers of specialty mattresses may continue to attract customers, having a concentrate on the price-profit percentage of those products. Additionally, sleep-in-a-box items, which are generally offered at discounted details than conventional foam beds, can make these mattresses available to some larger customer base. Manufacturers of super-high-end all best latex mattress may continue to enjoy the placement of the solution as "normal". Meanwhile, curiosity about bedrooms offering adjustable tone may encourage revenue growth for high-end air beds. Regardless of the generally optimistic perspective, section growth may slow from prices from innerspring mattresses reinvigorated from the introduction of hybrid versions – restrains growth observed earlier within the historic time as opposition.

Sleep Products: USA, the entire record, estimates US slumber shipments and product demand in US dollars in the producers' level to 2020. Shipments and overall demand are segmented by-product key in terms of:

  1. innerspring mattresses
  2. non-innerspring mattresses
  3. foundations
  4. sleep system sets.

Mattress furnishings (eg, bedspreads, blankets, and pads) and furniture (eg, bed frames, bed panels, and headboards) are excluded in the range of the document. Additionally, sleeping bags and inflatable beds aren't contained in this document. Re-exports of sleeping products are excluded from trade and desire figures.

To illustrate the different sections, overall requirement, total shipments, historical developments, and trade flows are supplied in annual collection from 2005 to 2015.

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Printed in 20-30 pages, Focus Statement protection ranges from garbage to finished manufactured products and related companies for example development and shipping. Evaluation is supposed to steer the active reader through relevant issues in quick succession, including:

  1. Total industry output and historical market size
  2. Segmentation by markets and products
  3. Identification of restrictions, market drivers, and key indicators
  4. Section-by-segment perspective in five-year forecasts
  5. Recommended resources for further study.